Thursday, February 11, 2010

Working Hard for the Money

Reasons why I should not be working from home:
  • Tivo
  • Facebook
  • Seven-hundred thread count sheets (and I recently splurged on a 10th pillow--I know you are jealous of my bed, and no, Kamiko did not teach me that, you perverts).
  • TV on DVD
  • Instead of compulsively looking up the weather to prove that spring is coming, I can go outside and see it for myself
  • Blogs
  • Stanley Crouch
  • My farmville farm needs some serious restructuring
  • McSweeney's
  • Following the antics of the cast of Jersey Shore has become almost a full time job for me

Reasons why I should be working from home:
  • See above list

P.S. I'm back.


Amanda said...


Elisa said...

Could you get Dooced for a blog post like this?

SD and EJ said...

I almost passed out when I saw this. And, yes, those are the reasons why working from home is so cool.

Katherine said...

Wow, I thought your blog was over for good. Glad you're back.

(You're suspiciously quick to get defensive about Kamiko...)

mom said...

Who is Kamiko????

Dinger said...

Am I dreaming?? Pinch me!

Melanie said...

Goob, I'm so excited you wrote in your blog!!!

Are you sure spring is coming? We got 4 inches of snow yesterday! (Maybe you don't want to come live in Georgia after all.)

Tiffany said...

You updated your blog!!!!!!! :) So happy!